60 years old disabled wins $4 million lottery prize using Fortune Cookie numbers

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North Carolina man wins 4X Mega Millions prize worth $4 million

According to the officials, a North Carolina man who played the lottery using Fortune Cookie numbers 'on a whim' won $4 million.

Gabriel Fierro, a 60 years old disabled combat veteran, who lives in Cornelius, North Carolina played the numbers from the Fortune Cookie he got while eating at Red Bowl Asian Bistro in Charlotte, according to the North Carolina Education Lottery statement. 

Fierro purchased the Mega Millions ticket online and added the Megaplier option for extra $1 on his ticket. 

Fierro discovered the next morning that he matched all five white ball numbers and received the 4X Megaplier, resulting in the $4 million win.

He said when he and his wife realized they had actually won $4 million, "they started running around the house"

After required federal and state tax withholdings, he took home $2,840,401. Fierro plans to invest most of his winnings, according to the officials.