A Florida man scooped $930,000 on a $2 scratch off ticket

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A Florida man scooped $930,000 on a $2 scratcher ticket

A Florida man is now millionaire after purchasing a $2 scratch off lottery ticket. The lucky punter own the top prize after purchasing the ticket at a gas station. 

According to the Florida Lottery announcement on January 19, Emad Aljaber, 42, of Jacksonville, won the grand prize from the '$1,000 a WEEK FOR LIFE' Scratch-off game. The top prize winner chose to receive his winnings as a one time lump sum payment of $930,000.

Aljaber purchased his life changing winning ticket for $2 at a Quickway convenience store in Jacksonville. 

The Quickway convenience store will receive a $2,000 as a bonus commission from the Florida Lottery for selling the winning ticket. 

The odds of winning the Grand prize for '$1,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE' scratch game are 1 in more than 4.8 million. In total, eight grand prizes will be given out.