A song named Min ho wins $1.50 USD from a scratch off lottery game

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A lucky winner's one song get him $1.50 USD after posting a pic of lottery ticket

On July 7, Song Min Ho posted a photo of a scratch-off lottery ticket and wrote, "Huh? Wait." He continued the updates with, "What is this.

Why is the code not reading1How much is this!!!!!!!!" A few moments later, Song Min Ho revealed the fully scratched-off version of his lottery ticket and said, "First come first serve. Buy yourself an ice cream.

I can't get the QR code to read." According to the scratch-off ticket, Song Min Ho's prize is 2,000 KRW (~ $ 1.50 USD).

Seeing the singer's posts, netizens commented, "Aw, it should have been 2 billion won", "At first I was like 'what?!?!'", "MINO is so funny", and more.

Meanwhile, WINNER will be greeting fans with a guerrilla concert 'Holiday In The City' later this week on July 10 at the Mulbit Stage in Yeouido's Han river.