Brisbane woman won $30 million in Oz lotto

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It's been a sleepless night for a lucky Oz Lotto winner after discovering she'd become Australia's newest multi-millionaire.

The Forest Lake woman from Brisbane's south-west claimed the entire $30million jackpot as the single division one winner in Tuesday night's draw.

Officials were trying to track down the mystery unregistered player before the woman finally came forward to claim her life-changing windfall on Thursday morning.

'My husband came home and after hearing there'd been a winner in Brisbane said, 'maybe we should check that Oz Lotto entry',' she said.

'I didn't think I'd win anything significant though!

'At first, we thought I'd won $30,000. Then we double-checked the ticket and I remember thinking, 'oh my goodness, we've won $30 million!'.

It's a dream. I was lying awake last night thinking about all the ways our lives are about to change.'

The young couple in their 30s plan to buy their first home before setting up for themselves and theirfamilies up for the future.

OzLotto players are reminded to register their purchased tickets so they can be contacted directly if they win big.