Louisiana scratch off lottery officials sold out ticket worth of more than $7.4 M

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In the month of June Louisiana lottery officials sold out lottery ticket worth of more than $7.4 million

The Louisiana Lottery Corporation reported more than $7.4 million in winning tickets for its draw-style games during June, highlighted by one Easy 5 jackpot prize worth $209,802.

In addition, Fast Play players won nearly $892,000, and scratch-off players claimed more than $14.7 million in cash prizes during June.

Draw-style daily game prizes for June included Pick 3 winning tickets totaling $2,550,810, Pick 4 winning tickets worth $2,038,500 and Pick 5 prizes totaling $336,725.

There were also three Powerball with Power Play match-4 + PB prizes totaling $450,000, two Powerball match-4 + PB prizes totaling $100,000 and 32 Powerball match-4 prizes amounting to $3,200.

One Mega Millions match-4 + MB prize was won worth $10,000, and 18 Mega Millions match-4 prizes totaled $9,000.

Ninety-eight players won Lotto match-5 prizes totaling $102,740, helping to bring Lotto’s monthly total winnings to $531,703.