Man from Ottawa wins $500k in Lotto Max draw

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Lotto Max Winner From Ottawa Couldn't Believe How Much He Won & Had To 'Check Again'.

Ontario man named Donald Siurna took home the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation'sMaxmillionprize through a ticket he bought at King's Your Independent Grocer on Perth Street in Richmond.

"I've been playing the lottery for a long time," Siurna said in an OLG press release. "This is my first big win."

But Siurna said all of the zeros that he won surprised him. At first, his wife thought he only won $5,000. So, he said he checked his ticket again.

"I checked my ticket using the OLG App after the draw," he said. He then went on to say that he told his wife "to check again" after the initial confusion.

According to the OLG press release, Siurna said he and his wife "will relax and enjoy life." But he also said he plans topay off his mortgageand finish up some house projects.