Thunderball 6 July 2022, Wednesday, Lotto Result, UK

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Thunderball Results 6 July 2022, Wednesday, UK
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The Thunderball lotto draw takes place every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at approximately 20:15 GMT. You can buy Thunderball tickets online every day from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. But remember, to play on a draw day, you'll need to buy tickets before 7:30 p.m.

Winning numbers of Thunderball 6 July 2022, UK

Today's Thunderball 6/7/22 Lotto draw took place at around 20:15 GMT. The top prize for tonight's Thunderball is £500k for the lucky winner.

Wednesday's lucky numbers are as follows.

Thunderball 6th Jul 2022 Numbers - 1, 3, 18, 36, 37, 1

Previous winning numbers and results for Thunderball lotto

The previous draw was held at 20:15 GMT as of usual time on 2 July 2022. The top prize for the lottery was £500,000 for lucky winners. 

The winning numbers were 1, 3, 10, 37, 38, 11.

The Jackpot prize was £500k. 

How to play Thunderball Lotto 

  • The Thunderball lotto cost £1 per line or per play. 
  • The players need to pick five main numbers from 1 – 39 numbers, and one Thunderball number from 1 – 14 numbers. 
  • A player can play up to 7 lines of numbers on each play slip and buy up to 10 slips at a time. 
  • The players can select the number themselves or go with the lucky dip that randomly selects the numbers for them.
  • The prizes are won by matching the Thunderball number or at least three main numbers alone. 
  • The tickets for the Thunderball lotto are non-transferable.

Facts About Thunderball lotto 

  • The first Thunderball draw was held on 12 June 1999 and the draw was originally held only on Saturday.
  • Before 9th May 2010, the top prize for Thunderball was Half the current Jackpot at £250,000.