Powerball 21 January 2022, lottery winning numbers, South Africa

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Powerball 21 January 2022, Lottery results, South Africa

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The Powerball and Powerball plus are the two most popular lottery games in South Africa. The National Lottery is operated by ITHUBA Holdings. The lottery is regulated by National Lottery Commission and was established in 2000. To play this lottery, the player must be 18 years old like many other lotteries. The draw for these lotteries takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 p.m. SAST.

Latest Winning Numbers of Powerball 21 January 2022; 9 p.m. SAST, South Africa

The draw for tonight took place at approximately 9 p.m. SAST. Tonight's winning numbers of the Powerball and Powerball Plus lottery for South Africa are as follows.

Powerball (21/1/22) - 10, 14, 19, 34, 37, 12

Powerball Plus - 03, 24, 41, 43, 50, 13

The jackpot prize for the Powerball lottery is estimated at R103 Million and the jackpot for Powerball Plus is estimated at R3 Million.

Previous Winning Numbers and Results of Powerball and Powerball Plus Lottery

The last draw took place on Tuesday, January 18, at 9 p.m. SAST. The winning numbers for the Powerball and Powerball Plus were as follows. 

Powerball - 09, 36, 44, 45, 46, 16

Powerball Plus - 06, 12, 19, 30, 48, 04

The Jackpot prize for the previous Powerball lottery draw was R92 Million, Whereas the jackpot prize for Powerball Plus was R5 Million

How to Play the Powerball and Powerball Plus Lottery 

The ticket of this lottery costs R5 for each board or each play. 

  • For Powerball lotteries, the players need to pick five numbers from a series of 1 to 45 numbers and one Powerball number from a series of 1 to 20 numbers. 
  • Powerball Plus is exactly the same as the Powerball lottery. The players must pay an extra R2.50 per board to enter the Powerball Plus draw.
  • The prize for both the lotteries depends on the numbers matched.
  • To win the Jackpot prize a player must match all the main numbers including the Powerball.

Facts about Powerball Lottery of South Africa

Online purchases of tickets are only available to people who have an ABSA, FNB, Ned Bank or have registered as the South African National Lottery website and are residents of SA with a SA ID. Powerball Plus prizes are usually slightly lower but give the player a second chance.