Scratch off lottery winners are now $202 million richer from before

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A Pennsylvania scratch off lottery player wins a big jackpot worth of $202 million recently in Scratchers

The Pennsylvania Lottery announced that scratch-off winners claimed $202,411,445 in prizes for the month of June, including one that was worth $3 million.

According to the release, some of the big prizes that were claimed during the month of June were: Eight prizes of $500,000 Four prizes of $250,000 Two prizes of $200,000 Six prizes of $100,000 The monthly winner list is posted on the Pa. Lottery website.

Scratch-off winners of $1,000 or less will not be posted on the website. Scratch-off games are currently offering prizes ranging from a free ticket to $5 million.

Winners of any Pennsylvania Lottery Ticket should check tickets promptly and immediately claim winnings.

Prizes expires after one year from a Scratch-Off game’s end (lottery draws), only it if remains unclaimed till then.