Powerball lottery frequent numbers History & Common Hot pairs, Frequency Chart It is very important to know which number is the most frequent in Powerball lotto. If you want to play Powerball lottery and want to win big, then you have to do some analysis before choosing the numbers for your ticket. Powerball winning numbers history frequency chart gives you a good idea about which numbers you should choose.

Powerball numbers frequency chart will tell you how many times a number had drawn out. So you will get the most frequent numbers for the Powerball lottery.

The most common numbers for the Powerball Lottery are 23, 32, 61, 53, 69, 18. If you want to know the Powerball hot pairs of numbers, then; you can check the table below. The most common hot pair of numbers for the Powerball lottery are 8, 27. These two numbers are drawn 10 times. So this can be a good bet to win big in the lottery.

Powerball lotto frequent numbers chart

Power ball (Red Ball) numbers frequent graph


Powerball most common hot pair numbers

8, 2710
28, 639
32, 589
7, 159
61, 649

Powerball lotto frequent numbers hot pairs triplets

12, 20, 214
1, 3, 134
22, 27, 463
22, 32, 583
1, 2, 73

Powerball winning number's frequency chart gets updated regularly, so you need to check frequently for the most common hot pairs. These numbers are taken from the draws happening since October 2015.