Where to buy tickets if I am not a US citizen? Or Can I?

Yes you can. You can purchase tickets on The Lotter website by signing up there. They buy tickets on your behalf in US and you will get a scanned copy of the ticket. They send your winning prize amount to your account. if you won a bigger prize like match 5 or Jackpot then you need to claim it by yourself. They will provide you the original ticket as soon as possible after the drawing held.

Order of chosen numbers matters or not?

No, Order doesn't matter. For the five white balls, it doesn't matter in what order they have drawn. But the one Red ball number must be matched separately. Each ticket is completely different from other tickets. So you can't combine numbers from multiple tickets.

By what time ticket sales end?

Drawing occurs on Wednesday and Saturday, and the ticket sale cut off time is around two hours before the drawing depends upon the jurisdiction.

How to claim a winning prize?

You can claim your winning prize up to $600 at any retailer under your jurisdiction. Prize amount over $600 can claim at some lottery offices only. You can claim it at the lottery headquarters.

For how many days the ticket is valid?

Most of the time, you will the expiration date listed on the lottery ticket. It's 90 days to a year, depending upon your jurisdiction.

Can I hide my identity after winning a Powerball prize?

It depends upon lottery jurisdiction. It may require your name, residence, photo, or some other personal details. They may or may not reveal your information in public, But that depends upon your jurisdiction. So you need to confirm with your lottery regarding identity secrecy.

If I don't claim my prize, then what will happen to that prize amount?

You have long enough time from 90 days to a year to claim your prize, so I guess most of the time you will be able to claim your prize. If, In any case, you are not able to claim your prize, then that amount will be kept by your lottery jurisdiction. And if the jackpot prize remains unclaimed then, that amount is distributed to all the lotteries according to their jurisdiction law.

If I die after choosing the annuity option then what will happen to the remaining amounts?

If you die before receiving all the annuities, then the remaining installments will be paid to your dependent. That is totally according to your jurisdiction law. Maybe your dependent needs to get the court order to continue to get the installments.

Where to watch live Powerball drawings?

You can watch live drawings here on this website at Live Powerball Drawings page. Other than this you can watch it on some news channels in your residing city or country.

What happens if I lost my Powerball ticket?

First of all, You should handle your ticket carefully. But if you lost it somehow, then you may get it by providing some certain information so that the lottery can find out that you are the real owner. But this depends upon the lottery jurisdiction. Sometimes you may not get it, so please handle it carefully.

What is the price of a Powerball ticket?

Price is $2 for each ticket play, and $1 additionally if you chose the powerplay option.

When is the next Powerball draw?

Next Powerball draw will occur on May 18, 2024 Saturday.

Where to check matching Powerball winning numbers?

You can check it on the Powerball Numbers page. There you can check the recent four draws too, and also the upcoming draw date.

How many winners in recent Powerball drawing?

You can check the number of winners on the Powerball Winners page. There you can select a state to check the winners, particularly in that state. There you can check the full list of winners of Powerball Jackpot till now.

What are the most common Powerball Numbers?

68, 35, 59, 53, 12 are the 5 most frequent numbers in the Powerball. One most drawn Power Ball number is 18 in the last 12 months.

What are the 6 luckiest numbers?

68, 35, 59, 53, 12, 18 are the 6 most frequent numbers. For more details information you can check Powerball Numbers Stats.

Can I win anything in Powerball by matching only 2 numbers?

You can win $4 minimum. If you choose the powerplay option, then your winning amount can be up to $40. Visit https://powerball.us.org for more details.

How can I win in the Powerball?

By analyzing the past winning number's data, you can pick the correct numbers for the next lottery draw. Check Analysis for the most favorable numbers.

What is the current Powerball jackpot?

Current Powerball jackpot is $77 Million for May 18, 2024, Saturday's draw. You can check the Jackpot Analysis for more details.

Who won the latest Powerball Jackpot?

There have been 200+ Jackpot winners to date. Check the Jackpot winners list to see who won the jackpot recently.

How long does it take to get your money if you won the lottery?

If you have won the amount up to $50K, then you can receive it online in your wallet from where you purchased a ticket. Up to some amount, every lottery retailer can give you the winning amount in cash if it is available. If you win a bigger prize, then you have to contact the lottery head office and confirm your winning ticket. They will confirm the winning ticket, and let you know when you can claim it. Most of the time, it will take around a week to get the amount in your hand in the form of a cheque.