Check My Mega Millions Lottery Ticket, Lotto Ticket Checker.

Do you have a mega millions ticket? Check if you have won or did anyone win mega millions. This is a simple method to find out.

Mega millions tickets can be checked here. Just go to the lottery date and check the ticket numbers for my mega millions ticket lottery. There is also a mention of the jackpot amount. So if you match all six numbers, you will win the jackpot.

A lottery ticket for mega millions costs $2 a piece. An extra $1 per ticket if you decide to play mega millions on your ticket. Ticket mega millions has 6 numbers. The first five numbers of your mega millions ticket are white ball numbers and the final is called mega millions. You can win some prize at least if you only match the last number alone.

Mega millions is the largest lottery in the United States and the price of the ticket is also very low.