A lottery winner in Port St. Lucie claimed $1 million jackpot recently

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A retired teacher planned to buy a car for herself after winning a big jackpot worth of $1 million

Retired teacher, Mary Ann Dupuis, earned more than a break this summer vacation.

The 68 years old woman from Fort Pierce claimed the $1 million prize from the Gold Rush Limited scratch-off.

Dupuis showed up at Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee with the winning ticket and chose to receive her winnings as a one-time, lump-sum payment of $795,000 after all the state taxes and withholdings.

She bought the ticket from a Publix in Port St. Lucie. The retailer who sold out the winning lottery ticket to Dupuis will also receive a $2,000 bonus commission for selling the winning ticket.

Dupuis originally purchased the ticket for $20 the odds of winning are 1-in-2.65.

Now she said that after claiming the winning prize money she will buy a brand new car for herself.