North Dakota resident wins $150,000 Powerball lottery prize

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North Dakota Powerball player wins $150,000 prize

A powerplay winning ticket of Powerball lottery worth $150,000 was sold in Bismarck. No one has come forward yet to claim the big prize. 

The lucky winner purchased the ticket at Superpumper at 1833 East Main Avenue in Bismarck that matched four of the five white ball numbers and the Red Powerball number drawn on January 19.

The third-tier prize actually worth $50K but the player purchased the powerplay option for extra $1 which multiplied the prize to $150,000.

"January has been an extremely lucky month for North Dakota Powerball player," said Randy Miller, Director of the North Dakota Lottery. 

Powerball winners have 180 days from the date of drawing to claim prize. 

The next Powerball draw will take place on Saturday night with an estimated $76 million jackpot.