A lucky woman wins a big jackpot from the ticket which she get as a gift

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A lucky woman wins a big jackpot worth of $30,000 from the ticket she got as a gift

A Maryland woman who received six scratch-off lottery tickets as a gift from a friend ended up winning a $30,000 prize from one of the games.

The 38-year-old Aberdeen, Harford County, woman told Maryland Lottery officials she received a stack of scratch-off tickets as a gift from a good friend and one of the tickets, a $3 Diamond Bingo ticket, initially appeared to be a $100 winner.

The woman said she attempted to cash the ticket in at a local store, but the clerk scanned the ticket and informed her that she was mistaken -- the prize was actually $30,000.

"Are you kidding me?" the winner recalled shouting at the time. The winning ticket was purchased from the Wawa store on North Philadelphia Boulevard in Aberdeen.

The winner said her prize money will go toward some home improvement projects.