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Burlington Grandmother Strikes Gold with $150,000 Bigger Spin Lottery Jackpot

A Burlington grandmother, Senada Junuzovic, had a jaw-dropping moment when she won a $150,000 jackpot playing the Bigger Spin lottery.

Senada's lottery journey began in 2005 with Lotto Max,... Read More

Ride-Share Driver Hits the Jackpot with $100,000 Maryland Lottery Scratch-Off in Silver Spring

In a surprising turn of events, a 42-year-old ride-share driver from Washington, D.C., struck it rich with a Maryland Lottery scratch-off ticket.

This fortunate individual stopped by a... Read More

Lucky Lotto Players in Murupara and Tauranga Win Big

In a stroke of luck, Lotto has brought excitement to the towns of Murupara and Tauranga. In the recent live Lotto draw, twenty-four players from across New Zealand struck gold, each claiming a... Read More

Dupla Sena 28 September 2023 Thursday, Results Tonight, Brazil

Dupla Sena 28/09/2023, Thursday Results for Brazil Dupla Sena 28th September 2023 Winning Numbers Tonight in Brazil Dupla Sena DRAWNUMBER Jackpot Winner

Did you win a jackpot in Dupla... Read More

Quina 28 September 2023 Thursday, Results Tonight, Brazil

Quina 28/09/2023, Thursday Results for Brazil Quina 28th September 2023 Winning Numbers Tonight in Brazil Quina 6253 Jackpot Winner

Did you win a jackpot in Quina 28th September 2023,... Read More

Timemania 28 September 2023 Thursday, Results Tonight, Brazil

Timemania 28/09/2023, Thursday Results for Brazil Timemania 28th September 2023 Winning Numbers Tonight in Brazil Timemania 1995 Jackpot Winner

Did you win a jackpot in Timemania 28th... Read More

Powerball 1428, Results Lottery Draw 28 September 2023, Australia

[Powerball Dividends Prizes Numbers Lotto Draw 1428 Divisions Results Tonight 28th September 2023 The Lott Powerball draw 1428 Numbers today Check Next Draw lotto ticket checker Powerball Winners... Read More

Powerball Jackpot Skyrockets to $850 Million for Tonight's Drawing

The Powerball jackpot has surged by $15 million and now stands at an impressive $850 million for tonight's highly anticipated drawing, as announced by the N.C. Education Lottery.

The... Read More

A big $5 million scratch off lottery ticket is sold out in Illinois

One lotto player is $5 million richer, thanks to a lucky scratch-off ticket recently sold at an Illinois grocery store.

According to the Illinois Lottery, a $30 "Million $$ Match"... Read More

Winner of $1.6 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot Comes Forward in Florida

The winner of the $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot in August — the third-largest in U.S. history — has come forward to claim the prize, officials said Wednesday. In all, Mega Millions has had... Read More

Lucky Lottery Player Wins $5 Million on $30 Scratch-Off Ticket in Savoy

Imagine paying $30 and getting handed $5 million.

That happened to one lucky scratch-off player in Savoy. A winning lottery ticket was sold at the Schnucks in the Savoy Plaza Center.... Read More

Goolwa Couple Tumbles in Disbelief After Winning $150,000 on Scratch-Off Ticket

A semi-retired Goolwa man couldn’t contain his shock when his wife scratched a $150,000 top prize win on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket, causing him to tumble off his chair in disbelief.

The... Read More